Red Maple Swamp Forest



Backyard Bundle: Recommended for Wet Yards

Maples, elms and ferns, oh my! With a growing season from late May through Summer, provides striking seasonal leaf color to be enjoyed in the Fall.

Bundle includes:
3x​ Red Maple (​Acer rubrum)​ – 2 Gallon
1x ​American Elm (​Ulmus americana)​ – 2 Gallon
2x ​Common Winterberry (I​lex verticillata​) – 2 Gallon
2x​ Viburnum(​Viburnum dentatum​)- 2 Gallon
3x ​Spicebush (L​indera benzoin​) – 2 Gallon
5x​ Sensitive Fern (​Onoclea sensibilis​) – 1 Quart
5x ​Cinnamon Fern (O​ smunda cinnamomea​) – 1 Quart

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