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Seal Walk

Sign up for a seal walk! Meet us at Cupsogue Beach most Saturday and Sunday mornings through early May (see the schedule on the sign up form at the link) and learn about these winter visitors to Long Island from Prof. Artie Kopelman, Prof of Marine Biology and President of CRESLI -- The Coastal Research Society of Long Island.

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I’m not a fan of Earth Day

With 7 billion people on this planet, increasing at 1% per year, perhaps we need to be reminded about finite resources, and unsustainable population growth and consumption. With agro-ecosystems providing the equivalent of more than 2700 Kcal per person, and with nearly 1 billion people undernourished, while obesity becomes epidemic elsewhere, perhaps we need a wake-up call. With unprecedented levels of factory farming and feedlots across the globe, loss of soil fertility and top soil, increased levels of pesticides and pharmaceuticals in groundwater, and 70% of the world’s freshwater being used by agribusiness – perhaps we need new priorities and new educational outreach.

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