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Can Long Island Be Saved? Part II — Public Forum on Water Quality and Resiliency May 12th, Theodore Roosevelt Executive Offices

The first of four public meetings scheduled this month on Long Island's water quality crisis was held Monday, May 12, 12-4 p.m. in the Nassau County Legislative Chambers which are appropriately enough in the Theodore Roosevelt Executive Office Building at 1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola. The next meeting will be at Stony Brook University May 19, time and place TBD.

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A Cleaner Bay, A Cleaner Ocean: Come to the Rally Tues, Feb 11th at 11AM in Mineola. The New Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant Must Have An Ocean Outfall Pipe

Environmental scientists have been studying for years how The Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, originally constructed in 1949, and expanded in the '70's and '80s as Nassau County's population exploded, has been affecting water quality in the Western Bays. It was found that 85% of the nitrogenous waste in those waters was coming from the effluent from the Bay Park plant. This was destroying marsh, shellfish and fish habitats.

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Fixing The Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant

Until we rebuild the plant, and as Kohler says, Do It Right, it will continue to be by far the major source of nitrogenous pollution in The Western Bays. Even when the plant was 'operational' 85% of it was coming from Bay Park. Merely getting the plant back to where it was is unacceptable. While there is funding to rebuild the plant itself -- and they can't start soon enough -- additional federal funds are needed to modernize the facility and build an outfall pipe that would have treated waste water flow miles out into the ocean. Long Beach would also benefit because it could use the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant as well. Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano has called for $500 million from the federal government to modernize the facility.

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