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Poisoning The Well: What’s Wrong With The Water in East Hampton? More Than You Might Have Imagined

What makes Georgica Pond so interesting is the possibility that motivated residents, top scientists and attentive local officials could be at the forefront of reversing the symptoms of the nutrient pollution that has become an island-wide, and arguably a world-wide, problem.

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September 30th 2013 – Last week, two freshwater bodies on Long Island were added to NYSDEC comprehensive inventory of state water bodies with blue green algal blooms: Deep Pond in Wading River and Maratooka Lake in Mattituck. Blue algae are of concern as they can synthesize toxins that can sicken humans and can be lethal to pets and other animals. Following World Health Organization standards, Maratooka Lake had levels of the toxin, microcystin, exceeding a moderate recreational risk, prompting NYSDEC to list the lake as ‘CONFIRMED WITH HIGH TOXINS’ and prompting Suffolk County Department of Health Services to post signs warning the public around the lake. These two water bodies join Mill Pond and Lake Agawam which have been on the NYSDEC list weekly since June.

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9-10-13: The Long Island Clean Water Partnership Launch Covered by the Wall Street Journal

Long Island environmental groups are banding together to stem the flow of nitrogen into the region’s groundwater and bays.

The initiative announced Tuesday follows what environmentalists are calling the worst year on record for ecological problems related to nitrogen, a nutrient that feeds algal blooms blamed for devastating much of the island’s marine life over the last three decades.

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