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Filtering Futures: A Story of Long Island and Shellfish — A Film By Gareth Burghes

Through Lagomorph Films, the production company he founded, Gareth is winning spots at various film festivals with his "Filtering Futures: A Story of Long Island and Shellfish." We hope and expect that Gareth's film is seen a lot this summer all over Long Island and at various local showings.

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What Mother Nature and The New Inlet Can’t Do — A Bay in Peril

With The New Inlet, Mother Nature's true gift was to give us but a glimpse of what the Great South Bay was and could be again. It's a challenge to us to take action. Next summer, will The New Inlet even be there, whether because of nature or man? Then what? The bay starts to die again. Here's what Mother Nature alone can't fix, and what we must fix if we want this bay all the way back, New Inlet or no New Inlet:

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