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The Breach Report, 8-13-13: So What Are We To Call It? The Breach, The Old Inlet, The New Inlet?

As we began to learn about the breach, how barrier beaches in fact behave and evolve, and began to see how it was actually a lifeline for an otherwise dying bay, saw that it was flushing Bellport Bay especially, and bringing back the bay we knew, we began to use the term 'breach' ironically. "Life's a Breach!" reads one bumper sticker. Against all the hysteria leveled at it, people posted 'The Breach ate my baby!,' or 'The Breach cheats at golf,' or 'The Breach stole my woman!" We will be having a Breach Party this Saturday in fact, keeping with the spirit of this.

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Reviving New York’s Rivers — With Oysters!

Architect Kate Orff sees the oyster as an agent of urban change. Bundled into beds and sunk into city rivers, oysters slurp up pollution and make legendarily dirty waters clean -- thus driving even more innovation in "oyster-tecture." Orff shares her vision for an urban landscape that links nature and humanity for mutual benefit.

Kate Orff asks us to rethink “landscape”—to use urban greenspaces and blue spaces in fresh ways to mediate between humankind and nature

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Coastalresilience.org — Modeling Future Storm Floods And Offering Strategies To Mitigate Future Flooding

Seas are rising, storms are intensifying. Visit their site, read what they have to say about how we should prepare for this future -- using natural defenses like marsh, eelgrass, shellfish beds. Such natural structures take a lot of the energy out of storms. It also of course has the side benefit of vastly improving the marine and estuarine environment, which is why we want to live by the water in the first place.

All that said, Coastal Resilience' modeling paints a fairly bleak picture of future flooding all along our coasts.

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Filtering Futures: A Story of Long Island and Shellfish — A Film By Gareth Burghes

Through Lagomorph Films, the production company he founded, Gareth is winning spots at various film festivals with his "Filtering Futures: A Story of Long Island and Shellfish." We hope and expect that Gareth's film is seen a lot this summer all over Long Island and at various local showings.

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I’m not a fan of Earth Day

With 7 billion people on this planet, increasing at 1% per year, perhaps we need to be reminded about finite resources, and unsustainable population growth and consumption. With agro-ecosystems providing the equivalent of more than 2700 Kcal per person, and with nearly 1 billion people undernourished, while obesity becomes epidemic elsewhere, perhaps we need a wake-up call. With unprecedented levels of factory farming and feedlots across the globe, loss of soil fertility and top soil, increased levels of pesticides and pharmaceuticals in groundwater, and 70% of the world’s freshwater being used by agribusiness – perhaps we need new priorities and new educational outreach.

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