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Can Long Island Be Saved? Part X — It’s a CrapSHOOT! You Can Be Part of Save The Great South Bay’s Winning Environmental Video!

As an organization, we need to have our say. Here then is Save The Great South Bay's plan to win the contest: We call on all members of Save The Great South Bay and supporters to our cause to submit a video of six seconds or less on the topic of water quality/ what they love about the Great South Bay/ what needs to be done to fix it (see general guidelines below) and either email them to [email protected], or post them at either our Facebook Page Save The Great South Bay, or if you are a member at our Facebook Group Page, or send them via the contact form at the bottom of this event posting as soon as you can, ideally by SEPTEMBER 12TH. The contest ends Sept 15th and we will need a couple of days beforehand to edit together all the clips into 1-3 minute videos for submission on YouTube for the contest. With over 1700 members in the group, we could crowdsource something special.

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