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How Can I Help Save Long Island’s Waters?

Start using lawn and agricultural fertilizers that are eco-friendly, that don't pollute our groundwater, drinking water and bays with excess nitrogen and phosphorus. The excess nitrogen has been contributing to brown tide, red tide, rust tide, red tide and blue green algae, and these have been killing our bays and in some cases rendering the water toxic. Click here to see what Nitrogen Free recommends for lawn care as they work to support Save Barnegat Bay. What ever bay we are speaking of, on Long Island or not, the issues are the same -- too much nitrogen in the groundwater from fertilizer and septic seepage leading to algal blooms and dying bays.

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Long Island’s Drinking Water: Threats and Solutions

The Long Island Clean Water Coalition, formed by a group of some twenty eco-non-profits and environmental research institutions large and small have come together to to address the water quality crisis now facing Long Island. Our groundwater is polluted, and therefore our drinking water is at peril. Because our ground water is polluted, so are our lakes, streams and bays. Algal blooms wiping out habitats in our bays, shellfish beds closed because of all the nitrogenous waste now in our water. This presentation is by Adrienne Esposito of The Citizen's Campaign for The Environment. It powerfully presents the problem we as Long Islanders face, and what we can do to bring Long Island back from the brink of disaster.

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Pouring Rain Again — Many Long Island Beaches Will Remain Closed Because of Polluted Ground Water

The ecological condition of Long Island's ground water has reached a crisis point. Year by year the algal blooms grow more intense and pervasive, with brown tides erasing more habitats, with contaminated waters closing more and more acres to shellfishing, and with more and more beaches closed to swimming for longer and longer periods.

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What Mother Nature and The New Inlet Can’t Do — A Bay in Peril

With The New Inlet, Mother Nature's true gift was to give us but a glimpse of what the Great South Bay was and could be again. It's a challenge to us to take action. Next summer, will The New Inlet even be there, whether because of nature or man? Then what? The bay starts to die again. Here's what Mother Nature alone can't fix, and what we must fix if we want this bay all the way back, New Inlet or no New Inlet:

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