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The Breach Report 6-26-13 (Updated). Giant Loggerhead Sea Turtles at The New Inlet, Robert Moses, Moriches, Nicholl Bay, and Maybe Shinnecock

All of a sudden, it seems like we are seeing loggerhead turtles not only in The Great South Bay, but in several other places in the GSB and elsewhere. The ones in The Great South Bay were at The New Inlet (see below) and at Robert Moses, as previously noted, and as well in Nicholl Bay, where, sadly, one was found dead. Since the initial story went live, we've been getting further reports from CRESLI.org (The Coastal Research And Education Society of Long Island) that there's a loggerhead in Moriches; we hear as well from one of our readers that they've seen an enormous turtle near The Shinnecock Inlet. Loggerhead? It would seem so.

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Kayaking The Old Inlet aka The New Inlet aka The Breach April 25th and April 26th 2013

Save The Great South Bay here presents a video from a Facebook Group member and avid kayaker, Dan Smith, of what he like many refer to as The Old Inlet, but which others know as The New Inlet or The Breach. Call it what you will, there is no place on The Great South Bay now that has such wild life -- osprey, seals, the endangered piping plover, thousands upon thousands of sea birds -- and has clear aquamarine water that few today can remember.

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What Mother Nature and The New Inlet Can’t Do — A Bay in Peril

With The New Inlet, Mother Nature's true gift was to give us but a glimpse of what the Great South Bay was and could be again. It's a challenge to us to take action. Next summer, will The New Inlet even be there, whether because of nature or man? Then what? The bay starts to die again. Here's what Mother Nature alone can't fix, and what we must fix if we want this bay all the way back, New Inlet or no New Inlet:

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A Great South Bay Breach and Estuary Policy Bibliography

A work in progress: ¬†Federal The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers http://www.nan.usace.army.mil/Home.aspx The 1996 Breach Contingency Plan http://www.nps.gov/fiis/parkmgmt/upload/ACOE-BCP-1996_web.pdf Recommendations for a Barrier Island Breach …

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