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Contact Your New York State Senators And Assemblymen Immediately — They Must Pass The Long Island Water Quality Control Act

The State Legislature is only in session for one more day up in Albany. There is only a day left to bring to the floor (and pass!) The Long Island Water Quality Control Act A.9788A/S.7804. The future of Long Island's bays, rivers and ponds depend on it. Our drinking water depends on it.

The bill establishes pollution standards for residents, businesses, and agriculture , standards we are going to need in place if we are to save our waters and build a sustainable Long Island.

There are of course certain constituencies who don't want to see this bill passed because it would force them to change how they do business -- what they can put on the ground, in the air, in the water, what they can build where, what new water quality regulations they'd need to follow.

But two things about building a sustainable Long Island :

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