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A Pledge To Help Build A Sustainable Long Island Taken at The Aspen Action Forum

The video here is from last year's Action Forum, where I offer an update from 2013. Membership in the Save The Great South Bay Facebook Group had tripled to over 1700. A consortium called The Long Island Clean Water Partnership had formed, comprised of over 100 organizations. Somehow, people on the local, state and federal level got on the same page, prodded by the science. Similarly, local reporting on Long Island's environmental issues, especially around water quality, really came around. Increasingly, Long Islanders are becoming aware of the challenges our waters face.

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Long Island’s Drinking Water: Threats and Solutions – A Presentation From The Long Island Clean Water Partnership

Two of the charter members of The Long Island Clean Water Partnership, The Citizen’s Campaign For The Environment, and The Group For The East End, offer this overview of the state of Long Island’s waters — what is polluting them and what we can do about it.

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Professor Christopher Gobler of Stonybrook’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences: A Profile

Here's a nice piece on Prof. Christopher Gobler of Stonybrook's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS). You want to know about toxic algal blooms, what they are doing to the marine plants and animals in our ponds and bays, and what we can do to combat them, he's the expert. His lectures, which we hope to post here as well soon, are very accessible, yet highly sophisticated.

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