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10-7-13 Save The Date: Toxic Tides, Pesticides and Sewage Oh My! A Water Worries Community Forum From The Citizens Campaign For The Environment

Scientists have determined that increasing pollution from sewage, pesticides, and toxic chemicals threatens Long Island’s water. Aging sewer and septic systems leak nitrogen into our underground supply of fresh drinking water, which flows into our creeks, bays, and harbors. This leads to “red tides” and other environmental problems that choke sea life, kill fish, and poison shellfish that people eat.

Fortunately, we can fix it. Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Group for the East End, Long Island Pine Barrens Society, and The Nature Conservancy have been working together for over a year to form the Long Island Clean Water Partnership—a grassroots initiative to restore and protect Long Island’s water resources on a comprehensive level. But action by local, county, and state officials is needed right now if Long Island’s water quality is to be protected and restored for our children and grandchildren. We all have good reason to make sure our water supply is clean and healthy, and we each have a part to play in protecting it for the future.

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Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Throughout LI This May — Bad and Worse To Come?

The conclusions from SCERP (The Stonybrook Southampton Estuarine Research Program) are clear. We are reaping the harvest of having no sewer system in Suffolk, and 100,000+ septic tanks leeching nitrogen into the groundwater for the past 40 years. All indicator are this is going to get much much worse unless we can figure out how to get all that excess nitrogen out of the aquifer, and out of our rivers, ponds and bays, and replace our septic tanks with an eco friendly solution. We need to think big and be ready to act on those plans, or its game over.

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