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The Septic Tanks of The Future Being Piloted Throughout Suffolk — Faster, Better and Cheaper

The on-site system I saw installed by Tom Montalbine of Roman Stone Construction Company in Bayshore stated that in volume the Norweco Singulair could reach $12000 per, and that is with all the manufacture being done on Long Island.   We are as a county on a mission to bring the very best in waste water treatment technology to Stony Brook's Clean Business Incubator Program and to the world.   

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When It Comes To Long Island’s Ground Water Pollution Problem, The Facts Are Now Speaking For Themselves

Ever since the release of The Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan, January 23, 2014, County Executive Steve Bellone has been on a mission to focus attention on the need to address our septic tank and water quality issues. He kicked off matters with a 9500 person conference call on water quality in. He has since then called for funding and for extending sewer districts. Most recently, Suffolk County won an IBM Smarter Cities Award, which will be used to study how best to address the septic tank issue in the county. Bellone worked with Senator Gillibrand to advocate for this. We are thankful to both for working on behalf of Long Island.

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