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Tropical Storm Andrea Will Bring Winds and Rain to LI

We at the Save the Great South Bay know that residents along the South Shore of Long Island are vulnerable and nervous every time a named storm comes our way. That’s why it is important to be ready and aware of what to expect. Tropical Storm Andrea will be more of a wind driven tropical rain event than a flooding event according to the National Weather Service. This tropical low pressure system will pass to our south and east and track northeast. With it, it will bring torrential rains, thunderstorms, wind and heavy surf. The winds around a low pressure system rotate inward toward the central point of low pressure counterclockwise. That is why with a storm track like Andrea’s, winds will go from South, to SE, to East, then Northeast as it departs our region North eastward. The worst of the winds will be from Friday night to Saturday morning. Winds will be mostly out of the east during this time and turn toward the west into Saturday. Residents along the South Shore prone to coastal flooding can expect the worst of the storm Friday night into Saturday morning for the New Moon astronomical tide.

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What Mother Nature and The New Inlet Can’t Do — A Bay in Peril

With The New Inlet, Mother Nature's true gift was to give us but a glimpse of what the Great South Bay was and could be again. It's a challenge to us to take action. Next summer, will The New Inlet even be there, whether because of nature or man? Then what? The bay starts to die again. Here's what Mother Nature alone can't fix, and what we must fix if we want this bay all the way back, New Inlet or no New Inlet:

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