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Songs of Wilderness — An Art Exhibition By Mixed Media Artist David Adams Celebrating The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Wilderness Act

The Fire Island National Seashore is commemorating 50 years of The Wilderness Act with an art exhibition by mixed media artist David Adams at the Wilderness Center on Fire Island, just west of Smith Point. From there, its just a mile and 1/4 to see the breach firsthand! The exhibition runs every Saturday/Sunday from 9/6 through 10/12.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Mr. Adam's work will go towards the creation of a public map of the breach / Old Inlet / New Inlet that will geolocate all the photos, videos, and graphics on this special place on a time elapsed map, going back to its formation during Sandy to the present day. The map will be home to all the scientific studies on the area, all the amateur nature shots and videos of seal, osprey, stripers, piping plover, and of course the waters themselves.

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