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Here is how we are helping to revitalize the bay:

Restore the Shellfish

Restore Habitat

Oysters eat murky water for lunch. We bring them back – they’ll clean the bay.

A healthy bay ecosystem (and our shared water, air and soil) depend on shellfish and its natural ability to filter water. Shellfish are currently at less than 5% of healthy baseline numbers.   We are seeking means of restoring them.

We also are focusing on “the uplands,’ the woods around the many creeks that flow into The Great South Bay.  By planting ‘swamp forests’ along these creeks, we can return native habitat and improve the water quality of the bay.


Defend our Creeks

Defend Our Creeks

Creeks are the lifeblood of Long Island and of The Great South Bay. Let’s open them up and let them flow removing trash, restoring native habitat, building local awareness, promoting local stewardship.

The Great South Bay will only be as healthy as the streams, creeks and rivers that flow into it. There are some 41 creeks that flow into the bay along The South Shore. We are designating Creek Defenders for each – will you be one?

This project is made possible in collaboration with NY Dept. of Conservation, and countless local property owners who jumped on board.

Take the Green Lawns Pledge

Grow A “Bay Friendly Yard.”

We invented green lawn. It’s time we reinvent it, but green – without harmful chemicals.

What if we could reinvent the suburban lawn, right where we invented it? In addition, 1/3 of our water per year is wastefully applied to our lawns. Traditional lawn care puts 5,000,000 lbs of pesticides into our drinking water, soil, and the bay. But there’s a better way to manage, one lawn at a time.

Go native!  Go naked!  No fertilizers, pesticides, and no watering except to reintroduce the native plants.

This Will Take All Of Us

Every community on The South Shore, every yard in every community, every park or public space can be enlisted to help improve and, yes, save this bay.

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