Advocating For A Restored Bay, Beach and Ocean

Save The Great South Bay is a strong voice for The South Shore and its bay.    Over the past year, we have spoken before dozens of groups, been interviewed on television on PBS WLIW’s Metrofocus, on Verizon FIOS, and in The New York Times to name the most prominent.  We’ve spoken before boating clubs, fishing clubs, boy scout and girl scout troops, before civic associations.  We will not rest until every Long Islander knows what is wrong with our waters, and how to fix them.   In addition, Marshall Brown, President of Save The Great South Bay, is host of Water Matters, a show about Long Island’s water issues.  The show consists of interviews with Long Island’s top environmentalists, activists and policy makers.   The content from the show is used in classrooms throughout Long Island.

We welcome your invitation for us to meet and speak with your group!

Day In The Life of Fire Island October 4, 2020

Educating the next generation of local stewards on the health of the Bay is critical to protecting and preserving it for the future. That’s starts with passionate teachers showing students (in person, hands in the water, feet in the dirt) what lives in our creeks, rivers and Bay, how healthy… Read more

One Creek, One Tree at a Time September 23, 2020

We all want to make a difference. It feels good when you do! We saved trees recently. Those trees are helping us save the Great South Bay. As Sayville Creek Defender, I helped lead Save the Great South’s first wide-scale invasive removal. It was a pilot. Thanks to the talented… Read more

Protect Our Drinking Water July 20, 2020

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues at Group for the East End, and many other local environmental groups, in opposition of the two bills proposed by County Executive Steve Bellone that would raid the County’s Drinking Water Protection Program for the next 3 years to offset operating deficits.… Read more

Looking Backward –And Ahead March 21, 2020

2019 was a banner year for Save the Great South Bay. All that we had planned for 2020 is gone, so what do we do as an org, as neighbors, and citizens? What will emerge from all these profound changes? Let’s be “yardbound” and have an invasive and non-native free “Bay Friendly Yard” for you and your family. Read more

Clam Bake And Party For Save the Great South Bay August 30, 2019

Please join Save The Great South Bay on this last day of summer for our Clam Bake/Beach Party, hosted by The Long Island Yacht Club and presented by York Analytical Labs. Fun for the whole family! Read more

Official SGSB Letter To The NYS Parks Department Re: West Brook With Bonus Drone Footage July 21, 2019

With the failure of the dam at West Brook, we all have a golden opportunity to engage in some essential habitat restoration,   The fact that this artificial pond (or impoundment) created in the 1880s is now gone, and now West Brook is one of the few brooks, streams or creeks… Read more

Let West Brook Flow! July 12, 2019

The failure of the dam at West Brook has created a wonderful opportunity to restore habitat in an area that has been under water for well over 100 years at The Bayard Cutting Arboretum Read more

Coffee With The Supervisor: Native Plantings, Methoprene June 18, 2019

This week, Ed Romaine’s guest is Marshall Brown. Executive Director of Save The Great South Bay. Together they discuss Native Plantings, invasives, and methoprene. Read more

SGSB Sticker Program Launched For SGSB. Order Your Free Stickers Here! June 17, 2019

Save The Great South Bay recently launched a window sticker program so that we can continue to build local awareness. Whether you own a store or drive a car, or captain a boat: Kevin Carey, who grew up in Sayville, where of course I knew the family, hosted the launch… Read more

Save The Great South bay Sticker Program
Save The Great South Bay Window Stickers Now Available! May 24, 2019

It is with great pleasure I can tell you that this sticker program is now EXPLODING all over Long Island! The idea is simple.  Stickers Everywhere!  Initial results are overwhelming!!!! It does cost us a couple of bucks to make the stickers and mail them to you albeit it is… Read more

Massapequa Creek Defenders: Preserving Their Preserve May 5, 2019

It was a surprisingly wet Saturday in Massapequa for its first Creek Defender Day May 4th, this Saturday.   The spring has been a soggy one, but we all saw what we thought was a break in the rain for a couple of days beforehand.   So happy we had our tent,… Read more

Bayshore Creek Defender Day: Joining Forces For The Penataquit May 5, 2019

Some 40 hearty souls came out on Saturday May 4th to help clean up The Penataquit. Thanks to Seatuck, The First Baptist Church, The Bayshore Interact Club, Keep Islip Clean, The Bayshore Beautification Society and the local YMCA, the creek is starting to get the attention it deserves. Read more

Co-Founder Save The Great South Bay
A Passion For The Bay (Via Suffolk County News) April 26, 2019

Marshall Brown of Sayville grew up within a block of The Great South Bay. He’s come home, and his mission is to save it. Read more

Attention Bayport! Volunteer To Pitch In With Your Creek Defender Bob Draffin Today! April 8, 2019

Bob Draffin, President of The Bayport Civic Association and now President of The Sayville Rotary Club, is now Bayport’s Creek Defender!   In the video below, Bob is standing at the mouth of Homan’s Creek by Bayport Beach speaking of his love of the bay and the importance of establishing a… Read more

The Madness of Methoprene March 26, 2019

Even if the real reason was not disease control (it isnt), but nuisance spraying (it is), killing the creatures that eat mosquitoes along with the mosquitoes doesn’t work. Its an expensive and destructive fools game, yet our county legislature continues to want to play it. Read more

Introducing The South Shore Estuary Reserve March 26, 2019

The South Shore Estuary Reserve is 306 square miles and is composed of all the South Shore bays and their watershed. Jamaica Bay, The Great South Bay, Moriches Bay and Shinnecock Bay are the four largest of the bays within it. Read more

A Green New Deal For The South Shore and The Great South Bay February 13, 2019

If we are to save The Great South Bay, it will require that each community along The South Shore mobilizes around clean ups, native plantings, bay friendly native yards that are fertilizer and pesticide free, that all constituencies are actively involved. We cant wait for help from above. Its up to us. That’s OUR Green New Deal. Read more

Rising Tides and a Dying Bay January 25, 2019

Jack Bonner, student at Loyola in Maryland, and from East Islip, submitted his research paper on the bay he grew up with. He discusses its problems and prospects. Read more

Save The Great South Bay’s 2019 Plans January 17, 2019

Become a Member of Save The Great South Bay and support a local citizens movement. Sponsor Save The Great South Bay and make a difference in your .community, creek by creek, yard by yard. Bring health to the bay by healing the mainland! Read more

Babylon: Vote YES On Sewering Jan 22nd And Help The Bay! January 16, 2019

Save The Great South Bay encourages all local residents eligible for a sewer hook up (the red zones on the map ) to vote YES Jan 22nd. Here is a website, Clean Water For Carll’s River, which was set up to address the project and to answer FAQs. The polling… Read more

A Letter To The Great River Community January 6, 2019

Attention Great River residents! You can help your community, help The Great South Bay, and help lead The South Shore to a better future by voting YES January 22nd on the sewering ballot. The money is there to spend from federal Sandy Relief funds, but this is our one chance. Cesspools are destroying the bay. Other communities will have their votes coming up. Let’s start with a YES to a healthy bay and to a more vibrant South Shore! Read more

Methoprene Madness in Suffolk County December 5, 2018

To the surprise of absolutely no one, The Suffolk County Legislature once again approved the use of Methoprene spray for mosquito control, with regular spraying to be performed over 20,000 acres of salt marshes (that’s 30 square miles, folks) on a regular basis throughout the late spring, summer, and early… Read more

Save The Great South Bay Facebook Demographics November 25, 2018

Our Facebook Group has some interesting demographics, as per Facebook itself — age, gender, location, and frequency of posting. All this data matters as we continue to pivot away from Facebook as the groups primary home, and move to our website, where we can drive action, control our content, and reach a broader audience. Read more

Post-Sandy, Why Are We Still Building? October 30, 2018

What will it take for Long Island to have a sensible development strategy given the inevitability of future storms and sea level rise? Six years after Sandy, its business as usual, building right up to the shore. Some developers are planning for the inevitable, to be sure, but the overall effort is scant. Read more

No More Methoprene October 29, 2018

Methoprene is a growth inhibitor used to combat mosquitoes. It is in the process of being banned in a number of states and jurisdictions because it kills not only mosquitoes, but other related insects and arthropods — crabs, lobsters. Deforming mosquito larvae chemically damages marsh ecosystems. Suffolk County must ban spraying it. Read more

Building A Newsroom For Save The Great South Bay October 17, 2018

  Save The Great South Bay is establishing a newsroom, a team of citizen-journalists and guest posters who will cover all the issues we wish to see aired.   In the coming weeks, expect posts covering the following topics:  Methoprene.   This larvicide is used for mosquito control.   But is there any… Read more

From a Island To a Nation – If we were a country, we’d be the 96th most populated ahead of Israel July 28, 2018

I stumbled on this GEM of a Video produced by Newsday in the 60’s. A time where fish and clams and oysters were so abundant and delicious with The Great South Bay being one of the most pure and pristine waterways anywhere in the world.  The video shows how a… Read more

Excavating in a Public Nature Preserve To Mitigate Flooding Creates Other Obvious Problems July 3, 2018

The North Fork Preserve, a 173 acre park in Eastern Suffolk, is being damaged by an ill advised public works project involving heavy equipment and multiple excavations in marshland disturbing rare habitat. Read more

New York and New Jersey Government leading the Ecological charge for our NY/NJ area bays, rivers and estuaries. It’s True! June 26, 2018

Facts: 2018 Cuomo Priority: Full PCB Clean Up of the Hudson River Cuomo Announces $10.4 Mil to Clean LI’s Waters With Shellfish A New Start for New Jersey on Water Pollution & Flooding Both New York and New Jersey have witnessed some great recent State level ecological leadership in response… Read more

Engineer Approved Drainage Plans Threaten Sensitive Natural Habitat In Long Island’s North Fork June 25, 2018

There must be a stop work order issued immediately on this “enhancement” project. The North Fork Nature Preserve is about to be ravaged by a major excavation project that would establish a series of retention ponds, thus ruining the hydrology of a good portion of this county park. This project is being undertaken for the benefit of a few home owners who built on The Sound who take exception to water from the preserve flowing through their beach. How did this ever get approved with no environmental impact analysis? This must not stand. Read more

New York and New Jersey: A Bridge to Success. We are all deeply connected to the waters we share June 18, 2018

Before founding Save The Great South Bay, in 1999 I married and moved to Northern New Jersey.  Having been a lifelong Long Islander and a huge Great South Bay fan I was immediately immersed in the New Jersey Raritan Bay for striper fishing, my favorite hobby.  In short time it… Read more

Announcing The Miriam Brown Community Stewardship Awards June 8, 2018

It was just over a year ago that I lost my mom.   She truly was a renaissance woman — cooking, sewing, gardening, restoring wicker antiques, knitting, raising five children.   She was also a scientist, a five time Jeopardy contestant (she lost in Game 5 by $30!), and a Sayville resident… Read more

Introducing The Creek Defender Program May 24, 2018

Read more

We All Care About Where We’re From — Saving The Bay May 24, 2018

Read more

Save The Great South Bay — An Introduction May 24, 2018

Read more

We Need A Green Marina Program May 12, 2018

Here’s a note that at first made me sad, then angry, then determined: Hi Marshall, What if anything can be done to bring more environmental awareness to the boating community regarding the use of harsh, environmentally unfriendly chemicals used to clean boats? At the local marina where my boat is… Read more

Speak For Your Bays: Contact Your State Senators April 24, 2018

Tell your State Senator that you support S-8170, which would reduce the nitrogen content in lawn fertilizers, and give our bays a break. Read more

Contact Kemp Hannon. Tell Him You Support S-8170 “The Fertilizer Fix” April 24, 2018

As many of you know, a law has been proposed in Albany that would mandate that lawn fertilizer contain no more than 12% nitrogen in the bag, and at least 50% non-soluble (slow release) nitrogen. With at least 10% of the nitrogen in the bay coming from lawn fertilizers, we… Read more

Help Plant Swamp Forests And Help The Bay April 16, 2018

If we are to revitalize The Great South Bay, we need to improve the health of the mainland. The mainland’s groundwater is polluted, and its ecosystems are ravaged. The bay is mostly a symptom of this. Long Island needs to ‘go native’ and restore as much habitat as possible. Read more

Support “The Fertilizer Fix” and Help Our Bays! April 15, 2018

Kudos to Grassroots Environmental Education, our partner in the I Love Long Island Campaign for ‘bay friendly yards’!    Thanks to them and to Assemblyman Steve Englebright, Chair, Committee on Environmental Conservation and Kemp Hannon,Senate Health Committee Chair, there’s now a bill before The New York State Legislature that would lower the nitrogen… Read more

Save The Great South Bay: Our Plans For 2018 March 17, 2018

Greetings everyone!    Spring is in sight, and soon we will all be back on the bay again! While things have been quiet, they’ve been busy! March 28th at Tres Palms, Save The Great South Bay is holding an Open House at Tres Palms, a restaurant-bar in Babylon right on… Read more

Have a Bay Friendly Yard January 17, 2018

Hiring a landscaper for 2018? Make sure they are being ‘green’ about it. Ask them to use a mulching mower so that the grass clippings can feed your lawn. That is the best food your lawn can have. Why have the clippings dumped in a landfill so that you have to throw expensive chemical fertilizers on it?

If you have pets or children, love nature and respect your neighbors, avoid pesticides. If you kill the bugs, you kill the soil. There will be fewer birds, amphibians. Pesticides also have a way of ending up in our drinking water and our bays, rivers and ponds. We are seeing a global collapse of insects, including the pollinators. Let’s stop with the Roundup. There are natural ways of dealing with insects. Dragon flies, bats, and birds like Purple Martins are all voracious mosquito eaters. Take this route over Mosquito Squad. Your grandchildren will thank you.
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Mosquito Control: Out of Control July 10, 2017

Yes, Vector Control is back, having had their funding renewed by The Suffolk County Legislature.  So these next three days, as will be the case every two weeks throughout the summer, the copters will be flying again.   We can only hope for the sake of our marshes, that this… Read more

Suffolk County Mosquito Control Takes to The Skies (Ugh) July 10, 2017

Yes, Vector Control is back, having had their funding renewed by The Suffolk County Legislature.  So these next three days, as will be the case every two weeks throughout the summer, the copters will be flying again.   We can only hope for the sake of our marshes, that this… Read more

End Suffolk’s Misguided Mosquito Spraying Program June 28, 2017

It’s time to trash our marshes again: Suffolk County has had a decades long program of spraying for mosquitoes around our marshes.    We still have a lot of mosquitoes, and a lot of dying marshes.   When you take out a key element of the food chain — mosquito… Read more

Diamondback Terrapins: Save Our Marshes, End The Harvest!! May 18, 2017

  Growing up on Long Island, I loved turtles. Painted, snappers, box turtles, spotted turtles, mud turtles. But for me the most elusive and by far the most beautiful were The Diamondback Terrapins. Their habitat is salt water marsh. They will spend their entire lives in that marsh, with only… Read more

LINAP: Is Long Island At a Turning Point? April 1, 2017

Long Island is about to replace its cesspools and septic tanks. Nassau County has 140,000, Suffolk 360,000. Suffolk intends to launch a pilot program that will deploy 400 units over the next two years. Albany is chipping in with $2 billion to address the issue at scale. Yet more will be needed, but everyone, seeing the problem, is stepping up. At the same time that we do this, we need to stop polluting our waters with lawn fertilizer and pesticides. Read more

Curt Johnson, Executive Director, Save The Sound January 30, 2017

Curt Johnson, Executive Director of Save The Sound, issues an Eco Reportcard on the water quality of Long Island Sound, and discusses what remains to be done, especially on Long Island Read more

Menhaden Management January 3, 2017

The dramatic increase in sightings of whales to our near-shore ocean waters (we’ve all seen the photos and videos of these massive creatures feasting on menhaden) is spectacular. In our opinion, this resurgence is enough of a benefit to justify the continuation of the policy direction taken by the Commission. The long-term impact of the increased population of menhaden is difficult to quantify, but it is having a positive effect on tourism and the quality of life for Long Islanders. Read more

Sandy and The Breach (and Now Inlet) Four Years On October 28, 2016

Sandy and The Breach Four Years On   Good day everyone.   I am Marshall Brown, President and Co-Founder of Save The Great South Bay.   Today, Oct 29th, marks the 4th anniversary of Sandy, and of the inlet it created.   The accompanying slide show has been provided by Mike Busch of… Read more

Fee Referendum: Let the People of Long Island Decide April 26, 2016

It is imperative that the Long Island delegation in Albany represents our interests and works to get the Water Quality Protection Fee Referendum on the ballot this November so that the people of Long Island can vote for their future. We deserve the right to represent our interests. Read more

A Referendum On Long Island’s Future April 24, 2016

Suffolk County will have a referendum on The Water Quality Protection Fee on the ballot this November. For an average of $73 dollars per family of 4 per year, we can have the funds necessary to address in a large scale way the nitrogen pollution issues threatening our bays, rivers, and ponds, our drinking water, and indeed our way of life as “Islanders.” Read more


Donate For Earth Day to help Save The Great South Bay! Read more

A Breach Flyover, 1-28 2016 January 30, 2016

How’s The New Inlet / Bellport Inlet / Breach doing post-Jonas? It’s still beautiful, but in new and different ways! Stephen Borghardt, A Director of Save The Great South Bay was up in Dave Sieglinger’s plane to take a look. Great shots! Read more

Long Island’s Aquifers. We Are In Trouble, Folks, and We Don’t Even Know It January 30, 2016

We absolutely need to start managing our drinking water on Long Island, or we will not have any drinking water in due time. Salt water intrusion has already begun to taint the aquifers because we pump far too much water out, half for our lawns. We’ve chosen our lawns over our children, above the needs of future generations! Toxic plumes of VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) large and small, seep ever further and wider into the groundwater, imperiling the one source of water we have. Read more

“Water Matters” — For Every Long Islander! January 14, 2016

Water Matters will help environmental organizations on Long Island communicate. It is streamed from live and from the archive

Read more

“Long Island is All Clammed Up” – Is It Too Late For Our Bays? October 16, 2013

It is important to remember that many of the land use issues discussed each week have real impacts to the lives of Long Islanders, and failure to heed economic and environmental warning signs can lead to real consequences. If we fail to protect our water system, the consequences will be dire.

In recent weeks, environmentalists, New York State government leaders, News 12 Long Island and others have been working on a public campaign to increase public awareness about Long Island’s drinking and surface waters. Failing to protect the aquifer is costly on a variety of fronts. With the recent call for state intervention, and the return of brown tide on the South Shore, it’s critical that action is taken sooner rather than later. Read more

Bellone To Call For Closing The Breach at The Old Inlet Today March 13, 2013

We know that there’s been a lot of flooding on LI starting with Sandy.   We also know that there’s been flooding up and down the eastern seaboard since Sandy.  We also have a lot of data showing that the breach at The Old Inlet is not contributing in any measurable… Read more

Keep The Old Inlet Open! March 12, 2013

Newsday has been actively misreporting on the issue of the breach at the Old Inlet.    They have been playing right into the hands of the political fearmongers and the government contractors who would abuse a public good — The Great South Bay — for their own narrow benefit.   The… Read more