Advocating For A Restored Bay, Beach and Ocean

Save The Great South Bay is a strong voice for The South Shore and its bay.    Over the past year, we have spoken before dozens of groups, been interviewed on television on PBS WLIW’s Metrofocus, on Verizon FIOS, and in The New York Times to name the most prominent.  We’ve spoken before boating clubs, fishing clubs, boy scout and girl scout troops, before civic associations.  We will not rest until every Long Islander knows what is wrong with our waters, and how to fix them.   In addition, Marshall Brown, President of Save The Great South Bay, is host of Water Matters, a show about Long Island’s water issues.  The show consists of interviews with Long Island’s top environmentalists, activists and policy makers.   The content from the show is used in classrooms throughout Long Island.

We welcome your invitation for us to meet and speak with your group!

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