“Bay Friendly Yards”

Long Island invented the suburban lawn.  It’s time to reinvent it.   Let’s plant natives, let’s bring them back.  They require no fertilizer or pesticides, no extra water.  They are more beautiful, are cheaper to maintain, and they help restore habitat.  They also help filter our groundwater before it reaches the bay and our water supply.



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Recent progress promoting “bay friendly yards”

Here’s what we’ve recently been up to. Your participation could look like one of these updates, or – if you can’t dive in there and get dirty yourself, just support the project and we’ll find a way to do it. Everyone has a part in this shared cause.

Repel The Invaders And Help Save The Great South Bay June 20, 2019

As those familiar with this organization knows, we are dedicated to habitat restoration, whether along our creeks via The Creek Defender Program, or on our… Read more

Coffee With The Supervisor: Native Plantings, Methoprene June 18, 2019

This week, Ed Romaine’s guest is Marshall Brown. Executive Director of Save The Great South Bay. Together they discuss Native Plantings, invasives, and methoprene. Read more

The 5K Run For The Bay: Pursuing Change May 23, 2019

Blue Island Oysters of West Sayville on Saturday April 27th hosted the Third Annual 5K Run For The Bay, raising funds a $1500 scholarship at… Read more

Co-Founder Save The Great South Bay
A Passion For The Bay (Via Suffolk County News) April 26, 2019

Marshall Brown of Sayville grew up within a block of The Great South Bay. He’s come home, and his mission is to save it. Read more

Attention Bayport! Volunteer To Pitch In With Your Creek Defender Bob Draffin Today! April 8, 2019

Bob Draffin, President of The Bayport Civic Association and now President of The Sayville Rotary Club, is now Bayport’s Creek Defender!   In the video below,… Read more

Defending Patchogue’s Creeks April 3, 2019

Join your Creek Defenders and the rest of The Patchogue Community and help The Great South Bay! Read more

Sewering Oakdale March 30, 2019

OAKDALE—Suffolk County Legis. William Lindsay met with residents at the Oakdale Civic meeting last week regarding plans to sewer parts of Oakdale using New York… Read more

A Green New Deal For The South Shore and The Great South Bay February 13, 2019

If we are to save The Great South Bay, it will require that each community along The South Shore mobilizes around clean ups, native plantings,… Read more

Save The Great South Bay’s 2019 Plans January 17, 2019

Become a Member of Save The Great South Bay and support a local citizens movement. Sponsor Save The Great South Bay and make a difference… Read more

Fertilizer Follies — Inaction in Action at LINAP January 9, 2019

Two years back, Save The Great South Bay was invited to become a member of the Fertilizer Workgroup for The Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan… Read more

Introducing the “Bay Friendly Yards” E-Book! January 7, 2019

Go Native! Go Naked! You can pay the expense in fertilizer, pesticides, and water trying to keep Kentucky Blue Grass and other non-natives alive here… Read more

Save The Great South Bay — An Introduction May 24, 2018

About the Author Latest PostsAbout Marshall BrownVisit My WebsiteSTGSB Podcast Episode 5: Methoprene & Emerging Contaminants – December 17, 2019STGSB Podcast Episode 4: Native Planting… Read more

5K Run For The Bay in Sayville Draws 500+ Runners April 30, 2018

The second annual 5K Run For The Bay, staged by Blue Island Oyster‘s Operation Blue Earth for the benefit of that initiative and Save The… Read more

The 5K Run For The Bay And Our Mission: Go Native, Go Naked In Sayville! April 26, 2018

The 2nd Annual 5K Run For The Bay Is Happening In Sayville This Saturday! 500 + entrants already! Run for a healthier bay! Read more

Speak For Your Bays: Contact Your State Senators April 24, 2018

Tell your State Senator that you support S-8170, which would reduce the nitrogen content in lawn fertilizers, and give our bays a break. Read more

Contact Kemp Hannon. Tell Him You Support S-8170 “The Fertilizer Fix” April 24, 2018

As many of you know, a law has been proposed in Albany that would mandate that lawn fertilizer contain no more than 12% nitrogen in… Read more

Support “The Fertilizer Fix” and Help Our Bays! April 15, 2018

Kudos to Grassroots Environmental Education, our partner in the I Love Long Island Campaign for ‘bay friendly yards’!    Thanks to them and to Assemblyman… Read more

Have a Bay Friendly Yard January 17, 2018

Hiring a landscaper for 2018? Make sure they are being ‘green’ about it. Ask them to use a mulching mower so that the grass clippings… Read more

LINAP: Is Long Island At a Turning Point? April 1, 2017

Long Island is about to replace its cesspools and septic tanks. Nassau County has 140,000, Suffolk 360,000. Suffolk intends to launch a pilot program that… Read more

Beautiful Native Yards Are Good For Your Local Waters January 18, 2016

Save The Great South Bay will help your community go organic and with that help your local waters Read more

There’s more in the blog.

Girl Scout Troop #217 Asks You To Take The Organic Lawn Pledge Today!

May 3, 2016

Girl Scout Troop #217 (Bayport – Blue Point) is challenging their community to go green, to move away from pesticides and high nitrogen fertilizers, and make The Organic Lawn Pledge Read more

Lets Have a REAL Ban on High Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizers in Suffolk County!

February 22, 2016

Organic Lawn care is crucial to protecting our drinking water, our groundwater, rivers, ponds and streams. Excess nitrogen is killing all our bays and contaminating our drinking water. Let’s not be spreading it on our lawns. Read more

So, What Communities on Long Island Are Going to Join the Organic Lawn Movement?

January 14, 2016

What is the water quality of your local pond, stream, or bay? How much are we contributing to water quality problems through what we put on our lawns? How can you make a difference in local conditions? Read more

Support The Moratorium

January 12, 2016

Sayville is the first village on The South Shore calling for a moratorium on pesticides and fertilizer. It will not be the last. Read more

Local Moratorium On Pesticides and Fertilizers Continues To Build

November 25, 2015

A number of local businesses in Sayville are joining the effort to launch a moratorium on lawn fertilizer and pesticides in order to bring back The Great South Bay. Read more

Mapping a Sustainable Long Island

July 20, 2014

Our latest web based map showing where to wine and dine sustainably and organically on Long Island. Read more