Bay Friendly Yards

Long Island invented the suburban lawn.  It’s time to reinvent it.   Let’s plant natives, let’s bring them back.  They require no fertilizer or pesticides, no extra water.  They are more beautiful, are less expensive to maintain, and they help restore habitat.  They also help filter our groundwater before it reaches the bay and our water supply.

Become a Certified Bay Friendly Yard

Bay Friendly Yards

Do you practice sustainable gardening methods? 

– Habitat Restoration

– Stormwater Management

– Local Stewardship

Become a Certified Bay Friendly Yard and proudly display a yard sign.

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  • Step-by-step instructions to assess your yard
  • Lists of LI native species
  • Tips on how to arrange these plantings

Plant Bay Friendly Natives

Choose from three curated native plant bundles designed by our experts with Long Island yards specifically in mind – yards that retain water, dry yard areas, or coastal yards!  Shop Now

Red Maple Swamp Forest

Recommended for yard areas that retain water

Maples, elms and ferns, oh my! With a growing season from late May through Summer, provides striking seasonal leaf color to be enjoyed in the Fall.

Pitch Pine Oak Forest

Pitch Pine Oak Forest

Recommended for dry yard areas

Overhead coverage with a mix of pitch pine, oak and a layer of low shrubs. During midsummer, enjoy blueberry which comes into fruit, producing a tasty snack.

Red Cedar Maritime Forest

Red Cedar Maritime Forest

Recommended for coastal yards

Shines in Fall when the bluish-black berry-like fruit ripens and migrating birds such as Cedar Waxwing can be seen devouring the berries. Great for yards along creeks and on the shore.

Recent progress promoting “Bay Friendly Yards”

Here’s what we’ve recently been up to. Your participation could look like one of these updates, or – if you can’t dive in there and get dirty yourself, just support the project and we’ll find a way to do it. Everyone has a part in this shared cause.

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