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Long Island invented the suburban lawn. It’s time to reinvent it. Let’s plant natives, let’s bring them back. They require no fertilizer or pesticides, no extra water. They are more beautiful, are less expensive to maintain, and they help restore habitat. They also help filter our groundwater before it reaches the bay and our water supply.

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Do you practice sustainable gardening methods?

  • Habitat Restoration
  • Stormwater Management
  • Local Stewardship

Become a Certified Bay Friendly Yard and proudly display a yard sign.

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Bay Friendly Yard Webinars

Bay Friendly Yards: Ocean Beach

Director of Habitat Restoration Frank Piccininni addresses the Village of Ocean Beach Civic Association on how to create Bay Friendly Yards in the Fire Island community.

Bay Friendly Yards: Recycling Stormwater

Stormwater runoff accounts for a large percentage of nitrogen in our local waterways which in turn triggers harmful brown tides in the Great South Bay. Managing stormwater runoff is not only one of the three essential elements of a Bay Friendly Yard but crucial to protecting the Bay.

Bay Friendly Yards: Creating A Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are not only beautiful to observe but also serve an important role in our local ecosystem. Planting an area in your yard as a butterfly garden restores native habitat whilst creating a landing pad for butterflies and other essential pollinators!

Bay Friendly Yards: Nature and Mindfulness

The chirping of birds, the metamorphic wonder of butterflies – a nature encounter in your own yard. Learn about the mental health benefits of a Bay Friendly Yard and a healthy ecosystem presented by Kristen Perret, PhD on behalf of local environmental non-profit Save The Great South Bay. The

Bay Friendly Yards: Creating Wildlife Habitat

The typical suburban yard lacks the basic necessities of wildlife habitat. Learn how to bring your yard to life by creating a Bay Friendly Yard that is also a place for wildlife to call home, during our webinar on Saturday, May 15th at 10:00 AM via Zoom with Frank Piccininni, Director of Habitat

Bay Friendly Yards: Three Essential Elements

The typical suburban lawn relies heavily on fertilizers, pesticides, and huge amounts of water. It’s polluting, expensive, lifeless and tired. Bay Friendly Yards are beautiful, full of life, less expensive to maintain, and (bonus!) help filter groundwater before it hits a creek or the Bay.

More About Bay Friendly Yards

Water Warriors {Yep, That’s Us}

Water Warriors {Yep, That’s Us}

Written by Tom Schlichter and as seen in Newsday, 04/29/21 Long Island outdoors lovers are often looking for environmental organizations to volunteer with come spring. Especially attractive are grassroots societies that endeavor to promote, protect and improve our...

Sustainable Development In Our Neighborhoods

Sustainable Development In Our Neighborhoods

The word is out. What so many of us love most about Long Island, from its recreational opportunities such as biking, fishing, kayaking and more, to its easy access to shopping and services, continues to attract people to the Island, making development unavoidable. No...

Help Save The Bay on GivingTuesday

Help Save The Bay on GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday is a very simple idea - a day that encourages people to pause for a moment, reflect on what's important to them & simply do good. It is now a global movement and your chance to help the Great South Bay. Save The Great South Bay is a 501(c)3...

One Creek, One Tree at a Time

One Creek, One Tree at a Time

We all want to make a difference. It feels good when you do! We saved trees recently. Those trees are helping us save the Great South Bay. As Sayville Creek Defender, I helped lead Save the Great South's first wide-scale invasive removal. It was a pilot. Thanks to the...

Lindy Becomes LI’s First Bay Friendly Certified Library

Lindy Becomes LI’s First Bay Friendly Certified Library

Save The Great South Bay is thrilled to welcome Lindenhurst Memorial Library to our community of Bay Friendly Yards. Lindy Library has a long history of being green and jumped right on board. With their no-fertilizer, no-pesticide clover lawn, composting bin and...

Bay Friendly Yards: Rewilding LI

Bay Friendly Yards: Rewilding LI Fantastic discussion last night on incorporating sustainable landscaping to not only protect our waterways, but also to promote biodiversity and healthy regional ecosystems. From the purpose of native planting to the...