Babylon Creek Defender

Todd Shaw, Babylon Creek Defender

The Babylon Creek Defender established the model for healing our creeks and the bay:

1. Galvanize the local community, leveraging Save The Great South Bay’s many members living nearby.

2. Have the local community reach out to all the local institutions — the schools, the churches, the local Rotary and Lions clubs, the local civic org, The Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses generally. Of course, one needs to engage with local officials at the village, town, and even the county level. To bring a creek back to life will take the whole community.

3. We advocate revitalizing our creeks and therefore our bay through strategic plantings of natives, whether in our parks and public spaces, or in our own yards. “Swamp forests,” “bioswales” and other plantings will help filter the groundwater before it reaches our creeks and then our bay. The more we can return habitat to what Long Island was its first 10,000 years, the healthier the bay — all our bays — will be. With so many people, with so much built, that is a huge challenge. But we must meet it, or we lose the reason we are here on The South Shore in the first place.

When They Are 30, The Forest Will Be Full Grown

4. Year by year, creek by creek, park by park, yard by yard, The Creek Defender Program, set to operate in all 20 South Shore communities, and all 41 creeks, will return native habitat, and with that Long Island’s original beauty.

To volunteer to be a part of The Babylon Creek Defender Program, click here.


Here’s an interactive map of the Carll’s River watershed.   Click to view.