Habitat Restoration

Oysters eat murky water for lunch.   If we bring them back in volume, they’ll clean the bay better and faster than any human can.

We advocate for healing the creeks that feed our bay, for bay-friendly yards, for helping to return a shellfishing industry to the Great South Bay, and for the deployment of modern wastewater treatment technologies to address the problems caused by 500,000 cesspools and septic tanks, as well as the 197 large scale septic systems in malls, apartment complexes and locally.

Contribute to a Healthier Bay!


Filter Feeders

Did you know that one oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day?   What could that mean for The Great South Bay?

It’s been calculated that 5000 acres of oyster farms in the bay would be enough to deal with 147% of the nitrogen problem.   A clean bay AND 5000 acres of oysters, with each acre producing $100,000+ of revenue.

A revitalized bay AND a revitalized shellfishing industry.   And the resurrection of a way of life that had seemingly vanished.

Save The Great South Bay works closely with oyster growers on The South Shore. We seek to implement new techniques for the reintroduction of oysters such as we see being undertaken in The Chesapeake, or through New York City’s Billion Oyster Project, or closer to home, with Friends of Bellport Bay. Given the value of oysters today, there is also a lot of innovation around how best to grow them.

Of course, nothing happens without cleaner water. That is why getting rid of our cesspools and septic tanks, healing our creeks, tackling runoff, and practicing natural lawn care is so important.

Please contact us with any suggestions you may have.  You can also donate our efforts. We want to apply the latest techniques in aquaculture to revitalize our bay, our economy and our local culture.

Recent progress on habitat restoration

Here’s what we’ve recently been up to. Your participation could look like one of these updates, or – if you can’t dive in there and get dirty yourself, just support the project and we’ll find a way to do it. Everyone has a part in this shared cause.

Curt Johnson, Executive Director, Save The Sound January 30, 2017

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Support The Moratorium January 12, 2016

Sayville is the first village on The South Shore calling for a moratorium on pesticides and fertilizer. It will not be the last. Read more

So What Becomes of LaSalle — And of The Great South Bay? January 10, 2016

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Cleaning Our Polluted Waters With Oysters — A Bill Awaits Governor Christie’s Signature. What of New York? January 19, 2016

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screenshot from video: Fire Island Hurricane Sandy new inlet breach by National
National Geographic On The Breach / New Inlet — Sandy’s Silver Lining October 29, 2013

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Volunteer To Seed The Great South Bay With Clams October 1, 2013

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Long Island’s South Shore Wastewater Infrastructure Problem July 30, 2013

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Is Mosquito Spraying Killing Crustaceans? July 26, 2013

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