On our Friday web stream of Water Matters, we had as our guest Dr. Sarah Meyland, Director of the Center for Water Resources Management at The New York Institute of Technology.

Her presentation was a call to action, a must-see and a must-know. We live on top of our drinking water, yet we are poisoning it. 250+ Superfund clean up sites on Long Island, more than anywhere in New York State, with toxic plumes seeping ever deeper, further and wider. Constant small oil and gasoline spills. About half of the water that we use is being used on our lawns, robbing the future of its drinking water. As we foolishly drain our sole source of water, salt water is flowing into the aquifer to take up space, further contaminating it.

Scientists have known for decades that our drinking water was imperiled. But after eleven studies, we still see nothing being done. If Long Island is going to have a livable future, we absolutely need to start managing this precious resource. The impending catastrophe — undrinkable water — is avoidable, but only if we at last take action.

Here’s the video of the show. Contact us below with your comments.

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