What We Do

Save The Great South Bay is engaged in three main activities that speak to its mission:

  1. Nitrogen Reduction.   We advocate for cesspool replacement, whether from on site denitrification systems such as are now being certified by Suffolk County, or from sewering along Main Streets or in low lying areas where this approach is more applicable.
  2. Promoting Eco-friendly Lawn Care.  What we put on our lawns too often ends up in our groundwater, and from there either into our drinking water or into our creeks and ultimately The Great South Bay.   We are proud founders of The ILOVELONGISAND Movement, a growing consortium of local environmental groups and organic lawn care specialists.  With native plantings, and modern non chemical yard care, we can help restore our local ecosystems, especially our local waters.  
  3. Shellfish Restoration.   The Great South Bay provided a living and a way of life for many thousands across the generations.  When the bay’s ecosystem collapsed in the mid ’80s, the victim of degraded water quality caused by a lack of waste water infrastructure, overdevelopment, and over-harvesting, we lost a heritage.   Today, knowing what we know, we intend to bring it back.   A $500 mil/yr shellfishing industry is worth the investment to bring back.