Creek Defender Program

The Great South Bay will only be as healthy as the 41 or so creeks that flow into it.   For generations, they have been blocked, built over, become trash filled, polluted by a polluted groundwater.   The Creek Defender Program calls upon people in every community on The South Shore to become good local stewards, healing our creeks as we heal the bay.   We have found that marinas make an ideal base of operations, and are reaching out to all marina owners on The Great South Bay to participate in bringing the bay back to health.

Please contact us if you can help establish a Creek Defender in your community.    We already have Creek Defenders in Amityville (Todd Brice) and Babylon (Todd Shaw).    For 2018, we are seeking to establish programs in Lindenhurst, Islip, Bayshore, Oakdale, Sayville, Bayport, and Patchogue.    We welcome your participation!